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Fly fishing English Stillwaters

Still Water Fishing in the U.K. is generally agreed to be the best in the Europe and by far the best is to be found in England itself.

The angler is spoilt for choice from the intimate, gin-clear chalkstream fed venues of southern England to the mighty, nature reserve reservoirs to be found all over the country.

Nowhere else in Europe can offer the combination of such stunning environments and highest quality fishing.

English still waters are renown for the quality of their fish stocks  

English still waters lakes and reservoirs are renown for the quality of their fish stocks - and for all year sport, king of the water has to be the hard fighting, tail-walking Rainbow Trout.

Many waters now practice catch and release but it still a contentious subject and debates continue between scientists authoritative bodies, and fishery managers and owners.

Whatever the rules for an individual fishery, one thing is still constant - the magnificent quality of fishing.

Bewl Water and smaller gems like Lakedown  

Wherever your preference we can provide a world class venue. Southern reservoirs include Bewl Water and smaller gems like Lakedown.

The South West offers two famous reservoirs of Chew and Blagdon, plus smaller, clear-waters gems such Avington and Dever Springs

Midland Waters include stunning Rutland, Ravensthorpe and Grafham, home to national and International competitions

large Brown Trout pile on the pounds  

On most smaller clear water stalking lakes you can fish all year round.

Some venues incorporate stretches of chalk streams, which if they house grayling you can also fish throughout the winter.

Peak times are usually early May to mid July and September/October.

Autumn can bring on the particularly spectacular sport of fry bashing, when large Browns pile on the pounds to take them through the winter.

Accommodation in England  

Accommodation: We offer self catering, bed and breakfast, small hotels and grand Manors – all in close proximity to the fishing.

Holidays can be arranged for any size party. Minimum stay of 3 nights in bed & breakfast and hotels. 7 nights minimum stay in self catering.

England enquiry: Tell us what kind of accommodation you require. Length of stay. How many fishermen in the party. How many guided days.

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