Fly fishing adventures in Scotland
Scotland is one of the world’s revered fishing destinations  

Fly fishing in Scotland

Scotland is one of the world’s most revered fishing destinations and needs no introduction other than to mention its name. Then visions of mighty rivers, ghillies and fly fishing for salmon on very expensive private estates immediately spring to mind.

But what most anglers dont know is the most cost effective way of fishing in Scotland - but we do!

Our fishing is based in the beautiful Borders Region just south of Edinburgh. And we offer wonderful private estates and syndicated waters, equal in fishing staure to any of the more famous venues.

Scottish salmon  

Border Rivers: The Tweed is deservedly famous for its salmon, but less well known is the quality of its brown trout and grayling fishing - available both on the main river and several of its tributaries.

You are also within striking distance of the Annan, an under-fished gem with impressive sea trout runs as well as fine wild brown trout and grayling fishing. Over the past two years, the Annan has enjoyed its best salmon seasons of the millenium.

The region also offers salmon fishing on the Nith and excellent salmon and sea trout fishing on the border Esk.

Loch style fishing in Scotland  

Border Lochs: A beautiful Rhododendron pathway leads to a traditional boathouse on the shores of a secluded loch. Weatherworn but still visible, ‘1880’ chiseled in relief on the granite lintel above the boathouse door.

Beyond, a densely wooded bay offers tunnel vision to impressive hills overlooking the far side of the loch. In between, a wonderful expanse of peaty water rich in food and handsome, wild brown trout.

This is just one of our private loughs - a unique environment for anglers who love to fish still waters by boat.

A fine brown trout from Scottish loch  

Loch fishing is traditionally carried out on floaters with teams of dries. But in very bright light fish become line shy, so pray for a breeze to ruffle the surface.

But wether you fish in spring, summer or fall, of one thing you can be assured. Your Loch fishing experience will never be anything less than exciting and spent in the most beautiful of surroundings. 

Guided fishing is included in all our lough and river packages, as are fishing day transport and bank side picnic lunches. And all our guides are English speaking.

The Tweed at Kelso  

Accommodation. We offer self catering, hotels and grand Estates – all in close proximity to the fishing

Holidays can be arranged for any size party.  Minimum stay of 3 nights in hotels. 7 nights in self catering.

Scotland Enquiry: Please tell us length of your stay. How many fishermen in the party. And how many day's fishing you require.

Click here to send an enquiry or telephone +44 (0) 208 874 6717.

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