Fly fishing adventures in Montana
Madison River  

Fly fishing the Madison River

THE MADISON VALLEY is home to the Madison river, arguably the most famous trout river in north America. The Madison begins it journey high in the Rockies of Yellowstone Park, flowing south along the valley for ninety miles, turning north to join with the Missouri river in central Montana at the foot of the Rocky’s Continental Divide.

This is ‘big sky’ country with scenery of epic proportions and the Madison offers the ultimate blue ribbon fly fishing water with a density of over 1000 trout per river mile.

Madison River Brown Trout  

Madison float trips are a magical experience. Your guide reads the waters ahead, advising of upcoming lies, steering you over hot spots whilst keeping you in synchronous drift with your fly. The hard part is concentrating on fishing with so much fabulous scenery to distract the eye.

Wade fishermen also have miles of wonderfully varied water to explore: boulder runs, riffles, islands, back streams and steep undercuts banks are home to large voracious browns.

Drifting on the Madison River  

Guided Fishing. We strongly recommend at least one day floating and one day wading inside your guided package.

River access maps and printed material with tips on techniques and seasonal flies are available free of charge in local tackle shops when you buy your local license.

This in combination with your guided experience will enable you to make the most of the countless fishing opportunities on offer in the Madison valley.

Accommodation is based in Ennis  

Accommodation is based in Ennis, fly fishing capital of Montana in the heart of the Madison Valley.

We offer bed and breakfast in private homes or dedicated sportsmen lodges with glorious mountain views.

Ennis is central to all the valley’s great fishing and just 90 minutes drive from the gates of Yellowstone Park.

Enquiry: Tell us what kind of accommodation you require. Length of stay. How many fishermen in the party. How many guided days.

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