Fly fishing in English Chalkstreams
Southern England fly fishing  

Fly fishing English Chalkstreams

Southern England: We can arrange to put you on some of the finest fly fishing streams in the world for trout and grayling.

Rivers most people never even get to see - let alone fish. These are the spring fed chalk streams of southern England, fly fishing’s historic home.

Whether you want come alone or as part of an experienced group, or are new to fly fishing, we will take care of all your needs.

And all this within 90 minutes of London

Brown Trout in Summer Chalkstreams  

English Chalkstreams are widely acknowledged as the cradle of modern fly fishing - and the magic months of May, June and July see them fishing at their lyrical best

The angler is enthralled at the nerve tingling excitement of casting at large, wary brown trout in crystal clear water - stalked with imitative flies cast delicately and accurately upstream.

And rarely is a summer chalk stream trout caught by accident – each one presents a unique sporting challenge.

Grayling in Autumn Chalkstreams  

Autumn Chalkstreams - the time of year when the ‘queen of the river’ reigns supreme.

Grayling time: Cold, crisp, russet coloured days - sun glinting on the water. Silver shadows fining above gravel, waiting to ambush your drifting nymphs, or flashing to the surface to gulp down a dry.

To many anglers, this is the most exiting, colouful and challenging time of the year on our southern English chalk streams.


Accommodation: We offer self catering, bed and breakfast and hotels – all in close proximity to the fishing

Holidays can be arranged for any size party. Minimum stay of 3 nights in bed& breakfast and hotels. Minimum 7 nights stay in self catering

England enquiry: Tell us what kind of accommodation you require. Length of stay. How many fishermen in the party. How many guided days?

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